Northern lights that illuminate a whole nation.

BPN has been developing, planning and implementing exclusive commercial and residential properties in northern Germany for over 20 years. During this time we have continuously evolved and expanded our service portfolio. Yet BPN’s recipe for success hasn’t changed since day one. We develop our projects in partnership with our clients, investors and service providers, always taking the interests of the cities and regions into account.

Our partners and business associates profit from the flexibility and independence of an owner-managed company. We are enthusiastic and passionate. Not because we have to be, but because it’s an intrinsic aspect of Bauplan Nord’s identity.


We believe that success is based on partnership

In our day-to-day dealings, we strive to achieve a bond of partnership between ourselves and our clients, and with our business partners. One of transparency, honesty – and, of course, success. We are passionate about our projects, we take our responsibility to the client seriously, and we act with foresight when conducting our business. After all, when a partnership works well, you get a taste for more.

The ideal way to a long-term partnership is to implement the projects to the satisfaction of all, and the best proof of our consistent performance are our long-standing good relationships with our clients and partners. And, of course, the projects we have implemented with them.

International competence. Local roots.

BPN has focused on the objectives of client proximity, continuity and identification with its projects since it was founded in 1994. And we’ve never failed to achieve them. We actually moved into a building that we constructed in one of our projects in the Flensburg district of Sonwik because we know that our projects deliver excellent quality and positive impacts for tenants and buyers.

We have always been owner-managed, independent, fast and flexible – yet we’ve never lost sight of our clients’ and partners’ needs and requirements. As a result, we have evolved into a diversified company that not only plans and implements projects in Germany but also has international expertise. BPN had a branch in Latvia for 12 years. In 2017, it sold its stake to the local management.

Today we implement property development projects of all sizes, from sophisticated office and residential buildings and senior citizens’ homes to shopping centres, multiplex cinemas and clinics.

We opened our Hamburg branch in 2015.



The organisation of our organisation

BPN believes in maintaining a local presence and productive partnerships. To ensure this, BPN is divided into two independent companies that supervise the projects locally and provide personal points of contact for any concerns.

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Location Flensburg


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